Why early stage startup should also invest in Software Testing?

10 April

One thing which is clear in everyone’s mind that user wants the quality product. Quality is the key differentiator in the product success. We see ample of messaging apps listed on play store with the more advanced feature but still, Whatsapp is a ruler.

Time to market with rapid change adaptability plays a vital role in any of the software product success. It is often seen that ad-hoc changes are made frequently to meet customer expectation fast. To make the production rollout faster often testing lifecycle is ignored. Which makes software vulnerable. A company pays a high cost to acquire the customer (CPA)  to get positive ROI from the product. Due to quality issues user look for another option and never come back to the product.

In order to fix fast, we should also fail fast. Software testing makes it possible.

While selecting the tech stack for the product development, We make the best choice of technology and infrastructure while rolling out the product in the market. As time passing and user base grows we started facing challenges in the scaling of the product. To solve this product require technology & infrastructure revamp.

Now we are in a fix. We reluctant to make big changes due to the risk of the failure. In other words, there is very big business risk associated with it. Instead, if we would have complete testing setup & team, we are more confident in making such changes and business risk is reduced largely.

After initial rollout of the product, we get a lot of valuable feedback from customers on product features. We need to meet customer expectations asap. While making changes in existing features or adding new one put the potential risk of the other product features. Testing out the entire product features make product robust and reliable.

Now I am expecting at least two questions from the audience --

#1 What testing team will until the product is under development stage?

#2 How we can test entire product features within a short period of time?

Answering the first question, Gone are the days where tester sits and do some UI flow and verify the product features.Now Quality engineers are deeply integrated with product and development team and aware of the entire software architecture and internal flows. Invest time in understanding the product and design test flows. Testing aspect has gone far beyond from UI to web services, database, cloud etc.

Answering the second question, There should be parallel development of test automation while the product is being developed. Which can be segregated in multiple layers like UI, Backend, Database automation, Integrated Test automation.By the time product is ready we have complete automated test suite available. Using which we can validate the product with minimal time & efforts.