Learn to invest and invest to learn

24 May

Learning or adding a new skill is the most important investment an individual can make. This will help not only in career progression but also you will be ready for a change in career or any unexpected problems in current area of work.

Many people want to learn something new but self inertia takes it over and the attempt itself becomes half hearted. A proper skill addition can happen only through a structured approach for learning. Below mentioned are phases of a structured learning approach-

Get yourself motivated: Motivate yourself well enough so that you don’t lose the focus in few days. Know about benefits of adding new skill.

Identify right skill: Start with the one where you have some idea and you know people with that skill.

Plan self learning: This is very important part , identify right source of like learning books, professional guidance and online training. Set a goal about how much to learn and by when. Consider this as an investment and be prepared to spend some money over this.

Adherence: Allocate some time daily for learning. Consider it as important as your work. This requires a great amount of patience and discipline.

Test yourself: Keep testing yourself , so that you know quality and pace of your learning.

You might have noticed that above steps are something which you have been following during academics. But there the motivation was better grades in examination which was very much tangible , in case of self learning and that too on the job you have to overcome constraints of time and energy. So motivating yourself to learn something new without expecting any immediate results is very important. This is not only for individuals , if a company wants to get diversified into multiple areas they need an adaptive workforce – who can learn very fast. Having some guided self learning programs will help employees learn new skills by choice but also they will become competent enough for learning for a new role in future. Another benefit of learning is the impact of overall on attitude of a team. It has a good cascading effect , if one person in a team learns something new , then rest of the team gets motivated for the same.

Apart from all the benefits of learning , surface level knowledge is equally dangerous , it is very tempting to read few online articles about a new skill and claim it as a skill addition. But this is the case of fooling yourself , one might out-stand among people who don’t know anything about that skill , but that won’t help in long run. Objective of a learning should always to able apply that skill.

Learning is like any other financial investment , first of all one should take a decision to spend time and money upfront without expecting any immediate returns , and if you are learning right things its like investing in right stocks it will give you higher returns.