Advanced Quality Engineering

Organizations are constantly in a race to reach out to their end customers through advanced technologies like cloud, mobility and analytics. As part of their routine, they have to publish constant and daily updates to their customers while ensuring an impeccable user experience and top notch quality thus driving the need for Quality Engineering and Assurance.

An integrated approach to testing and development activities is the need of the hour and helps organizations realize the compelling benefits of agile software development processes.

At BuzzyBrains Software, we help you leverage our Product Engineering Testing Services by partnering our Agile testing specialists with your development team and delivering favourable results with the right balance of quality and speed. Our test engineers work with your team seamlessly, helping them build an agile-centric test strategy which provides quality results while ensuring speed and flexibility.


A clear automation strategy and the roadmap to ensuring the right ROI disparate application architecture, multiple environments, third party integrations and multiple user devices, a standardised and consistent automation approach is needed to ensure high reusability, ease of maintenance and lower upfront cost.

BuzzyBrains Software is a leader in Automation Testing provides Organizations with detailed tool evaluation exercise and accordingly recommend an optimised tool inventory which suits your needs and expenses. We commit to deliver value to our customers through our expertise and experience in the world of Web Automation Testing.

We have dedicated teams with core expertise on all industry-leading tools like Selenium, SOAP UI, Appium, etc.

Our balanced approach to automation:

  • Assessment of your UI and API automation needs and application landscape
  • Assessment of your existing automation solution (if any)
  • Detailed Tool evaluation (optimal recommendation), Proof of Concept and implementation
  • Focus on enhancing reusability and ease of maintenance for lower ongoing costs
  • Creation of regression test suites with flexible execution options
  • Training and handover of automation test pack to client for future maintenance

The reliable and consistent performance of your critical business applications is the key to the success of an organisation. However, performance issues within an application are often identified in live scenarios that result in considerable damage to the reputation of the brand.

BuzzyBrains Software helps you predict application behaviour and performance in a simulated real life environment, thus saving you from unpleasant events later, which frustrate customers and impact profitability. We ensure the application is responsive and reliable enough during peak load times and in addition meets the necessary contractual obligations and SLAs for performance.

BuzzyBrains Software’s Performance Modeling

BuzzyBrains Software is proficient in Performance Testing of applications across domains and technologies, including web-based or client-server applications, SOA based solutions or COTS solutions. Our experience with all industry-leading performance testing and monitoring tools and expertise in end-to-end application performance testing including network, database, hardware, etc. helps companies keep a tap on their applications. We publish a detailed performance testing report for the application with Response times, Break-point, Peak load, Memory Leaks, Resource Utilization, Up time, etc. We provide clear and actionable application tuning recommendations and help you implement them, working closely with various IT teams in your enterprise.


  • Identify all business critical scenarios and Benchmark your application performance
  • Create customized and reusable solutions to test performance of your application and servers
  • Setup online monitoring solutions
  • Identify extent of reliability and availability of your application
  • Ensure the application response times are within the specified limits during the execution.

A website plays a key role in shaping the public image of an organization. BuzzyBrains Software end-to-end Web testing services are a unique blend of testing processes, tools, and technology expertise, and domain knowledge, ensuring your website’s security, functional precision and scalability across multiple platforms.

Our Web Testing Services are as follows:

  • Web Functional Testing
  • Testing Web Services
  • Web TEST Automation
  • Web Security Testing
  • Web Performance Testing
  • Performance Testing of Web services
  • Web Usability Testing
  • Web Accessibility Testing

Undoubtedly smart mobile devices have played a significant role in changing the way people communicate and collaborate with each other. Making your application mobile-ready is the key to keeping your digital consumers happy. However, diverse platforms, devices and networks, demand significant infrastructure for mobile application testing. The mobile testing services are either non-exhaustive or very costly due to the sub-optimal approach taken for testing. To cater to these problems, BuzzyBrains Software puts forth a set of Mobile Testing Services as follows:

  • Native App Functional Testing
  • Native App UI/UX Validations
  • Native App Performance Testing
  • Native App – Test Automation
  • Mobile Responsiveness Testing
  • Mobile Test Infrastructure

Other Services


Mobility is at the core of digital transformation. Mobile devices have transformed from just enabling business emails and data on the move to mobilizing enterprise applications, driving innovation and changing the way companies do business.

Product Engineering Services

BuzzyBrains Software engages in end-to-end product development, enabling you to focus on your core business.


Data Analytics has evolved in recent past and has become imperative to the success of most businesses.

UI-UX Engineering

The goal of the UI-UX team is to create intuitive & efficient products that provide rich user experience to the end users and are more competitive in the industry.

Dev Ops

BuzzyBrains Software DevOps solutions adopt an approach that emphasizes communication, collaboration, integration and automation, thus, removing bottlenecks in software development and ensuring agile delivery for software-driven innovation.

Why Us...!

Technology DNA

Our founding team has got a rich, in depth technology experience in architecting different highly scalable platforms, building cool products.

Startup Expertise

We have lived start up product development world for years for many successful start ups.

Passionate Team

We hire only elite technical talent full of energy and passion to build world class products.


We believe quality not to be a flavor to be added at the end of development but it is baked in products.


We completely understand business side of the product and we always endeavour to achieve fastest delivery by use of automation in many places.