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web application microservices architecture - Buzzy Brain 26 April

Microservice: Service Registration & Discovery

Microservice based architecture is widely practiced nowadays. One service has multiple instances running over multiple virtualized containers where network location is dynamic due to various reasons like auto-scaling, upgrades, failures. Unlike monolithic architecture where service runs on the fixed location and can be called using static network address. Client service needs to know the latest service address calling it each time. To overcome this problem service registry helps.

10 April

Why early stage startup should also invest in Software Testing

One thing which is clear in everyone’s mind that user wants the quality product. Quality is the key differentiator in the product success. We see ample of messaging apps listed on play store with the more advanced feature but still, Whatsapp is a ruler.

27 Sep 2017

A Methodical Approach to Performance Testing of Web Applications

Many a times, web application performance aspect is ignored during development and it surfaces as a roadblock in scaling the application very late in the cycle when product starts losing revenue, users because of performance issues.

Why ‘Test Automation’ is the success key of Agile Development - Buzzy Brain 1 Sep 2016

Why ‘Test Automation’ is the success key of Agile Development

Over the last decade “Agile Development” has been a widely practiced methodology amongst software companies. It increases collaboration with customers and management team with the technical team.

24 May 2016

Learning or adding a new skill is the most important investment an individual can make

Learning or adding a new skill is the most important investment an individual can make. This will help not only in career progression but also you will be ready for a change in career or any unexpected problems in current area of work.

25 Aug 2016

Microservice architecture

Microservice architecture defines the software design model where independently deployed services working and communicates each other a via well-defined mechanism to achieve a larger business goal.

Mobile App Development company in Pune - Buzzy Brain 25 Apr

Offline enabled apps

A lot of apps be it like games, e-commerce, music, video, productivity tools are aimed towards an engaging user experience. Any network fluctuation is bound to disrupt user’s attention and severely impact user engagement.

25 Apr

How to Hack an App

When we think about securing an app, it is more important to think about how apps are hacked and why they are hacked. In this post, I want to bring forward certain simple practices which should enable App developers to secure the application and make it tougher for hackers to misuse the app.