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We are BuzzyBrains Software! One of the pioneer Software Development Companies in India offering the best react native app development for iOS and Android mobile apps, and to date, have delivered several successful projects across various domains. So, if you are looking out for the top React Native development company in India,BuzzyBrains is the company that would never let you down!

What is React Native Development?

React Native is a framework developed by Facebook, which helps to create distinctive mobile applications using JavaScript, and which is supportable on both, Android as well as iOS platforms. React Native is an open-source framework that uses JavaScript and has a set of components for iOS and Android platforms in order to develop a mobile app that’s got a native feel as well as appearance.

React Native apps save a lot of development time, as it is a cross platform framework which enables seamless working across Android and iOS. The technology has gained immense popularity since its inception and is used today by some of the most reputed applications such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Uber, LinkedIn, Airbnb, and others. React Native apps come in with a lot of advantages such as readability, high-quality performance, operational efficiency, enhanced UI, and yes, not to forget, huge open source community support. It has steadily emerged as one of the most preferred development framework across the industry.

Why is BuzzyBrains the Best React Native App Development Company in India?

Choosing BuzzyBrains is a prudent business decision, as our expertise at React Native development is simply unmatched, and our performance has been simply impeccable! Here are some reasons why you must choose us for React Native app development.

  • We are among the first ones in India to offer React Native app development. So we’ve seen the technology growing very fast and we have always kept ourselves on top of latest upgrades to React Native framework.
  • We offer the best of technical expertise across the industry.
  • Our approach at Buzzy Brains is results-based, and the success of our client speaks for our own success.
  • A highly-qualified, updated and customer-oriented team that can offer an appropriate piece of advice on choosing the best library, language, and framework for your product.
  • Working with us refers to controlling developmental costs, as we work out the most accurate project costs, based on client’s requirement.
  • We are truly agile company. We understand the velocity and quality of development team required to build disruptive products.

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Why Us...!

Technology DNA

Our founding team has got a rich, in depth technology experience in architecting highly scalable platforms, building cool products.

Startup Expertise

We have led engineering teams for many successful start ups. We deliver high quality products at the speed a successful start up requires.

Passionate Team

We hire only elite technical talent full of energy and passion to build world class products.


We believe quality not to be a flavor to be added at the end of development but it is baked in products.


We completely understand business side of the product and we always endeavour to achieve fastest delivery by use of automation in many places.